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Bentayga is GridCal on steroids

A high-efficiency electrical solver thought for workstations and the cloud. It includes state-of-the-art power flow, linear approximations, topology processing and other essential functions. Bentayga is designed to enable massive computations and AI integration in power systems planning and operation.


Good design matters

Bentayga increases productivity and opens the door to processes that were not feasible until now using conventional solutions. In addition, Bentayga's open architecture encourages incremental developments by leveraging existing functions.

Change the paradigm

We move from the detailed study of a scenario with traditional software, to the study of millions of scenarios in an automated fashion, capturing the variations and risk associated with network developments and the variability of the system itself. We embrace complexity instead of fighting against it.

Cloud? Yes

Bentayga is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Being available for *Nix systems enables the use of economic cloud architectures. Running ancient desktop software on virtual machines is a waste, and you know it.

Power and flexibility

Bentayga is programmed in C++ and is both available as a traditional library and as a Python module. We leverage the speed of the native code and the versatility of the managed code, each of them where it is needed.


…and of course, it is integrated with GridCal.

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